Vision 2040 Public Engagement

Woman pointing while talking to a man and a womanGroup of people talking in a conference roomWoman in yellow shirt encouraging others to fill out a surveyGroup of kids wearing sunglassesPeople walking in a parade holding up I'd Like Lenexa signsPeople writing things downPeople in yellow shirts talking to business peopleMan asking a boy a question

Engagement by the numbersStaff and community volunteers led engagement efforts using quick and convenient tools at locations where people already gather, both in person and online. This fun, interactive approach garnered broad participation and consensus the vision.

Engagers plugged into the city’s existing digital communications tools such as the city’s website, and social media outlets, to engage and energize followers. The following tools were used to solicit digital input:

  • Surveys – Three community surveys were developed and administered online and in-person at various events. There were 3,143 survey responses.

  • Social media – Future trend information was shared on social media. Followers were asked to provide comments on how the trends will shape Lenexa’s future.

Input was also gathered through a variety of traditional in-person methods, including:

  • Pop-up events – Engagers went to where people gather to ask them what they’d like Lenexa to be in the future.

  • Targeted outreach – We made specific efforts to reach the Latinx, youth and business communities in Lenexa.

  • Drop-in visits – Information about Vision 2040 was shared with community groups during their regular meetings.

  • VisionFest – The community was invited to a festival in the City of Festivals to let their voice be heard. Hundreds of people attended the event, which included hands-on activities. 

The map below highlights the locations of all of the community participants in Vision 2040 - people who filled out a survey, attended VisionFest or created an I'd Like Lenexa sign at an event.

Map of Lenexa with dots for engagement on it