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Vision 2040 was shaped by thousands of community members with a real love for their hometown. There is pride in the community that Vision 2020 and Vision 2030 created.

  • People feel connected because of the many social offerings, festivals, fun activities and places.

  • People feel welcome because Lenexa is a community that is open to new ideas and new people.

  • People are drawn to Lenexa’s interesting places, history and natural beauty.

  • People live in safe neighborhoods with quality housing, good schools and nearby shops and services.

Lenexa’s city services are highly rated by residents, the cost of living is reasonable and there are many employment opportunities, diverse businesses and economic stability.

What more is there to do?

Lenexa is a community that is THRIVING, CONNECTED and ALIVE! But, the world as we know it today will not exist 20+ years in the future. To maintain what we love about Lenexa, action is needed. To take what we love about Lenexa to the next level, it will involve the entire community. The vision process was convened by the city, but Lenexa’s vision for 2040 will be realized through strong community partnerships.

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