Healthy People

Man and girl walking their bicyclesGirl holding sign that says Healthy, Eco-FriendlyMan holding a sign that says to be an active community that lives, works and plays togetherWoman holding a sign that says to have the best network of bike lanes in the KC metroGirl standing next to a man holding a sign that says to continue and advance community integration. I want a place to meet, help and build with others.Boy holding a sign that says to make the world a better place!

Our vision for Lenexa is to be a community where people,throughout their lifespans, are safe, physically active and improve their mental and physical health by spending time outdoors and with each other.


  1. Creating neighborhood nodes.

  2. Developing healthy corridors.

  3. Creating intergenerational communities.

  4. Connecting people to nature and open spaces.

  5. Building community partnerships.

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