Charting a course for Lenexa's Future

Charting a course for Lenexa's Future
Posted on 05/29/2018
Vision 2040 staff and community co-chairs

It's an exciting time to live and work in Lenexa: a team of citizens isworking to chart the future of your city for the next 20 years, and we need your input!

Vision 2040, a long-term community planning process that will build off the successes of Vision 2020 and Vision 2030, kicked off in late spring.

Guided by Lenexa-based Shockey Consulting, the next several months will bring collaborative experiences and extensive fact-finding exercises to craft a final plan that inspires and guides Lenexa leaders over the coming decades.

MAY THROUGH JUNE: Laying the foundation for a smart, strategic process

More than 145 residents volunteered to form a steering committee and several task forces. Throughout this process, they will discuss data, studies, community surveys, existing visioning plans and future trends to determine how that might influence the future of Lenexa.

Examining Lenexa's opportunities and challenges - and how those will shift over the next 20 years - will help the committee and task forces to set ambitious but practical goals.

JUNE THROUGH SEPTEMBER: Here's where your ideas come in!

Vision 2040 is designed to be a community-driven process, and there will be plenty of opportunity for Lenexa residents to get involved. Whether you spot a survey on social media or a community engagement booth at a festival, be sure to take advantage of these chances to help create the Lenexa you want to see in 2040. The participatory engagement phase of this process will culminate in a community Vision Summit.

OCTOBER THROUGH NOVEMBER: A well-crafted plan for Lenexa's future

With their research wrapped up and plenty of community input in hand, the steering committee will finalize a plan and present it to the City Council for adoption. Once adopted by the Council, these few months of planning will transform into 20 years of action, bringing your vision for the Lenexa of 2040 to life.

Published May 29, 2018