Participation is important in Vision 2040 process

Participation is important in Vision 2040 process
Posted on 08/07/2018
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As we approach the halfway mark in the Vision 2040 process, staff and volunteers have been working hard to gather input from you. We have had booths at city events, held activities for youth in the Lenexa Public Market, sent out two surveys and held three workshops with our Steering Committee and citizen-led task forces to identify what you want Lenexa to be in 2040. In that time:

  • More than 1,200 people responded to our first survey asking about what you want neighborhoods to be like in 2040.

  • 1,000 people have filled out an “I’d Like Lenexa…” sign

  • 16 community members stepped up to be part of the Steering Committee, led by Community Co-Chairs Mike Stein and Stacy Knipp.

  • Nearly 150 more community members volunteered to be part of the Joint Citizen Task Forces to dig deep into four focus areas to shape Lenexa’s future.

  • Almost 1,000 people have filled out the second Lenexa Vision 2040 survey, asking what types of businesses, amenities and transportation options you’d like Lenexa to have in 20 years. There’s still time to have your voice heard in this survey. 

We are taking care to ensure we are gathering voices from a wide representation of our community. As you can see in the map below, someone in almost every neighborhood has participated in the process so far. And we still need more!
Participation map

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There are still several opportunities for you to have your voice heard in the Vision 2040 process:

  • Stop by the Lenexa Rec Center, Lenexa Public Market or Lackman Branch of the Johnson County library to fill our an “I’d Like Lenexa” sign and drop it in the kiosk provided.

  • Stop by the Lenexa civic campus on Saturday mornings in August to talk to one of our volunteers in person.

  • Take Survey # 2. It will take approximately 5 minutes, and it’s a great, easy way to give your input in this process.

  • Mark Sept. 20 on your calendar – that’s the date of our big Lenexa VisionFest, an interactive night where you can really make an impact.

  • Attend the final Joint Task Force meeting on Oct. 24 to help make final tweaks on the big ideas going in to Lenexa Vision 2040. Don’t worry if you haven’t been to a Joint Task Force meeting yet – all are welcome to attend!

  • Participate on social media by following #Lenexa2040 on Twitter and Instagram. Post a photo with #Lenexa2040 and tell us what you’d like Lenexa to be in the future.

Published Aug. 7, 2018