Survey # 3 shows vision is coming together

Survey # 3 shows vision is coming together
Posted on 09/26/2018
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More than 700 people in Lenexa took our third and final survey in the Lenexa Vision 2040 process, and the results show that residents are supportive of the big themes emerging.

In the third survey, we asked respondents to use a scale of 1 (strongly disagree) to 5 (strongly agree) to rate their agreement with statements reflecting strong themes we have heard while talking with residents and businesses in Lenexa.

We received 773 responses to this survey. Below are the averages of the responses we received. 

  1. It is important to promote physical and mental health. Our vision is to have active people throughout their lifespans. Average rating of 4.45/5. (Health in the chart below)

  2. It is important to connect the community using technology. Our vision is to provide a public technology network to attract businesses and residents. Average rating of 4.3 (Technology in the chart below)

  3. It is important to be on the forefront of innovation and change. Our vision is to be a place where companies, entrepreneurs, universities, researchers and investors - across sectors and disciplines - co-invent new discoveries for changing markets. Average rating of 4.2 (Innovation & Change in the chart below)

  4. It is important to have a variety of housing types available for purchase or rent. Our vision is to keep current housing types, but also include smaller homes that are well-designed, comfortable and in walkable neighborhoods with shared community spaces. Average rating of 4.15 (Housing types in the chart below).

  5. It is important to design our community to accommodate changes in transportation such as vehicle sharing and driverless cars. Our vision is to create a seamless transportation system where you can easily transition between all transportation modes. Average rating of 4.1 (Transportation in the chart below)

We would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who responded to one or all of our surveys. Resident input has been crucial to this process, so that the Steering Committee and Joint Task Forces can work together to create the best vision for Lenexa in 2040. We are still tabulating the data from Lenexa VisionFest, so stay tuned to hear what we learned from that event!

Published Sept. 26, 2018