Vision 2040 Looks Toward the Future

Vision 2040 Looks Toward the Future
Posted on 05/14/2019
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With more than 5,000 citizen engagement interactions, the City of Lenexa can truly say Vision 2040 was a community-driven process. That community input has created a vision that will ensure Lenexa will continue to thrive well into the future.

The vision was created from the pride that the community members have in Lenexa and reflects residents’ desire to keep the parts of Lenexa they love intact while creating an even more welcoming and desirable community. It imagines a bright future and represents a balance between equipping Lenexa for future trends, technologies and innovations while keeping Lenexa’s high quality of life and unique character.

Vision 2040 builds on the past successes of Vision 2020 and Vision 2030 to provide a framework for achieving what the community wants Lenexa to become. That framework includes five major themes, with accompanying strategies and tactics, to help the city grow into the future:

  • Healthy People: Our vision for Lenexa is to be a community where people, throughout their lifespans, are safe, physically active and improve their mental and physical health by spending time outdoors and with each other.

  • Inviting Places: Our vision for Lenexa is to be a community full of places with beauty, social offerings and openness that draw people to them.

  • Vibrant Neighborhoods: Our vision for Lenexa is to have vibrant neighborhoods that offer a variety of housing types, sizes and prices with opportunities for shopping and support services nearby as well as convenient public facilities such as quality roads, pedestrian connections, parks and schools.

  • Integrated Infrastructure & Transportation: Our vision for Lenexa is seamless transportation and connected infrastructure systems managed to enhance quality and performance while reducing resource consumption, waste and overall cost.

  • Thriving Economy: Our vision for Lenexa is to be a place thriving with economic activity, a variety of business types and innovative people that create jobs and sustainable businesses.

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Published May 14, 2019