Vision 2040 Process

Vision 2040 sought to understand community members’ hopes and desires for Lenexa’s future through extensive community engagement. Participants visualized and described what the community could be or should be in 20+ years. Themes quickly emerged about what makes Lenexa special today and what will make the community flourish into the future. One such theme is that the community is very happy with the results of the prior visioning efforts and with the current levels of service provided by the city, resulting in a clear message that the city should stay the course – both toward the continued fulfillment of those community visions and in maintaining current levels of service.

In addition, Vision 2040 participants looked at trends, forecasts and data which provide indicators of what the future might bring. Vision 2040 did not just contemplate local factors that affect Lenexa, such as population growth and demographic changes; it also considered broader global forces, such as advances in technology, the changing global economy, and environmental stresses that will have ripple effects on our community, the country and the world. The rapid, and constantly increasing, pace of change and technological evolution makes it more difficult to predict the future, while at the same time, making it abundantly clear that the City must remain nimble and able to embrace change as it occurs. Many of the recommendations contained in this document speak directly to this reality.

Vision 2040 participants were encouraged to think like futurists by thoughtfully analyzing factors that may influence the community in the coming decades and how Lenexa should proactively adapt to reach the desired vision. The result is Vision 2040, a vision framework which provides a long-term, comprehensive perspective for making decisions that will shape the community’s future. In short, Vision 2040 is an aspirational, community-driven vision that is grounded in reality.

How Vision 2040 came together 

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