Planning Approval

If you are interested in developing in Lenexa, the first step is to go through the planning approval process. This process helps us ensure that your project complies with applicable property development regulations, is of high quality and fits the character of our community.

You can complete all applications on this page through our Applications and Permitting Portal.

PDF applications are linked when applicable, for your convenience.

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Before you begin the official process of developing a property, you can participate in a pre-application process. The formal pre-application process provides you with a lot of feedback on your proposed development, but it does not grant you any approval.

Staff Review Pre-Application

Call us at 913.477.7500 to schedule a pre-application meeting with staff to review your conceptual drawings and our requirements and procedures. If your development is 3 acres or larger, we require a pre-application meeting.

  1. Submit a completed pre-application form, along with any drawings you have available. The more information you provide, the more detailed comments you will receive.

  2. Our Staff Review team (planners, plans examiners and engineers from the Community Development Department and representatives from the Fire Department) meets approximately every two weeks to review pending projects.

  3. Following that meeting, we will send you preliminary comments on your project, so you can get an idea of some of the issues or concerns staff may have and know what additional information or detail we may need.


All properties in Lenexa are zoned for residential, commercial or industrial uses. You will need to determine if your proposed development or use is allowed within the property’s current zoning.

If it does not fit current zoning, the property will need to go through the rezoning process. You will also need to submit a concept plan or preliminary plan showing how you propose to develop or use the property.

  1. Submit a Rezoning Application and Checklist and either Concept Plan or Preliminary Plan Application and Checklist (see below).

  2. As part of the rezoning process, you are responsible for notifying neighboring properties. We will provide you a notification template. Public notice letters are required to be sent certified mail with a return receipt.

  3. The rezoning and your concept or preliminary plan will be considered at a Planning Commission meeting.

    We will hold a public hearing during this meeting, where anyone can speak in favor of or against the rezoning.

  4. Planning Commissioners vote to recommend or not recommend your rezoning application. Their recommendation is based on criteria outlined in the Unified Development Code.

  5. Your application will then be sent to the Lenexa City Council with the Planning Commission’s recommendation. The Council will make the final decision whether to approve or deny the rezoning and concept or preliminary plan.

Concept plans and preliminary plans

Whether or not your property needs to be rezoned, you will be required to submit a preliminary plan to show how you intend to develop the property.

  • Concept plans give us the big picture of your project with very few details. It shows the basic development concept and is only submitted in conjunction with a rezoning application. If your property is already properly zoned for your proposed use, you can go directly to submitting a preliminary plan. Concept Plan Application and Checklist

  • Preliminary plans typically include some preliminary architectural, engineering and stormwater information in addition to the site plan, landscape plan, and project narrative. It shows the tentative arrangement of buildings, facilities, landscaping, and uses for the property. Preliminary Plan Application and Checklist

These plans will be considered by the Planning Commission, which will give a recommendation to the Lenexa City Council. The Council gives final approval on concept and preliminary plans. During this process, you may be asked by staff, the Planning Commission or the City Council to make changes to your plan.

Final plans

Once your preliminary plan and any applicable special-use permits have been approved, our staff will work with you to resolve any outstanding conditions the Planning Commission or City Council have requested. You should submit your final plan as the last step in the planning approval process. We will not consider a preliminary plan and a final plan simultaneously. Most final plans do not require approval from the City Council.

Final plans generally include a site plan, landscaping plan, exterior lighting plan, a stormwater report, proposed sign scheme, and complete exterior architectural drawings. It shows the definite proposed development of the land and, if approved, is binding on the land.

Final Plan Application and Checklist

Staff review final plan

If your project is located in an existing business park within the BP-1 or BP-2 zoning districts, it may be eligible for a Staff review final plan, which doesn’t require approval by the Planning Commission or Lenexa City Council.

  • Exception: the first final plan in a business park must still receive Planning Commission or City Council approval.

Subdivision plats

Before land can be divided into two or more pieces, or we can issue a building permit, you must plat your property.

Preliminary Plat

  • If you submitted a preliminary plan, a separate preliminary plat is not required.

  • If you did not submit a preliminary plan, you must submit a preliminary plat showing how you propose to subdivide your property into lots, with the necessary streets and other features.

Preliminary Plan/Plat Application and Checklist

Final Plats

Once your preliminary plat has been approved, we will work with you to resolve any outstanding conditions the Planning Commission has requested. You should submit your final plat as the last step in the planning approval process.

  • Final plats are prepared by a land surveyor registered in the State of Kansas and describes the lots, established easements and dedicated streets.

  • A preliminary plat and final plat will not be considered simultaneously unless it is a minor subdivision. A minor subdivision is a subdivision containing five or fewer lots without any new streets or easements.

  • You are required to have an approved final plat before you can record the plat and sell lots.

  • Final plats that include the dedication of roads or easements to the city require approval of the City Council.

Final Plat Application and Checklist

Special-use permits

Some uses require a special-use permit, which must also be approved by the Planning Commission and the Lenexa City Council. Uses requiring a special use permit involve an additional level of review.

Section 4-1-B-23 of Lenexa City Code: Supplementary Use Regulations

  • If a special use permit is required and you are constructing a new building, you should submit your special use permit application with your preliminary plan application. 

  • If you are planning to occupy an existing building and you need a special use permit, you only need to submit a special use permit application and related documents such as a site plan and floor plan.

This process generally includes:

  1. Submit a Special Use Permit Application and Checklist.

  2. Notify neighboring properties via certified mail with a return receipt.

  3. The Planning Commission will conduct a public hearing where anyone can speak in favor or against your request for the special-use permit. After the public hearing, the Planning Commission will provide a recommendation to the Lenexa City Council to approve or deny your request.

  4. Your application will be sent to the Lenexa City Council with the Planning Commission’s recommendation. The Council will make the final decision to approve or deny the special-use permit.

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