Comprehensive Plan Update

 Comprehensive Plan

In summer 2021, the City of Lenexa selected Houseal-Lavigne to lead an update to our Comprehensive Plan. A Comprehensive Plan is a blueprint for the future that directs growth and development for the next 25 years. The creation of a Comprehensive Plan can lead to potential strategies that will help effectively guide City leaders as they make substantive and thoughtful decisions for the community.

A comprehensive plan is both aspirational, reflecting the vision of the community, and technical in nature, laying out the framework for how development will occur.

Lenexa’s Comprehensive Plan will address:

  • Community Vision, Goals and Objectives
  • Land Use & Development
  • Housing & Neighborhoods
  • Economic Development
  • Transportation & Mobility
  • Community Facilities & Infrastructure
  • Natural Areas, Parks & Open Space
  • Implementation Strategies

Coming up:

Comprehensive Plan Visioning Workshop
Thursday, Feb. 17, 3–6 p.m.
Lenexa City Hall

Lake Lenexa: A testament to how comprehensive planning benefits our community.

Now an iconic local destination, the beautiful spillway and natural woodland at Lake Lenexa and Black Hoof Park are so much more tan idyllic spot to escape into nature. 

Lenexa leaders knew decades ago how the land around what's now Lake Lenexa was likely going to be used. In addition to needing new roads, trails, utilities and natural spaces, they knew the rainwater running off hundreds of new rooftops, driveways and parking lots would need somewhere to go. 

Fifteen years after Lake Lenexa was dedicated, it's capturing runoff and pollution from 600 acres of new development being built above the lake. Trails are in place to connect to existing and future paths. Streets, stormwater, parks, trails and streetlight networks are already in place to accommodate new neighborhoods.

The City's Comprehensive Plan guides these decisions, and Lenexa is working on a new version of this important document today.

Project timeline

Click on the image to view a larger PDF of the planned project timeline.

Project timeline

Current project stage: Engagement/Snapshot

What is Lenexa like today? What is working and what is not? Lenexa staff and the consultant team from Houseal-Lavigne are working on an existing conditions analysis to provide a thorough background and solid foundation for the Comprehensive Plan update process. Here are three ways you can help: