As documents are prepared as part of the Lenexa Comprehensive Plan process, they will be posted here for public review and comment.

Draft Comprehensive Plan

A draft of the proposed Comprehensive Plan has been prepared and is ready for consideration by Lenexa's Planning Commission and City Council.

Draft Comprehensive Plan

Land Use Scenario Testing

As a key part of the Comprehensive Plan process, the project team prepared and extensively studied three different land use scenarios that show how Lenexa could develop over the next 20 years. These results were presented at a May 8, 2023, meeting of the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee and a May 9, 2023 joint meeting of the Lenexa City Council and Planning Commission. Members of these three groups discussed the merits of each land use alternative and their potential impacts on the community.

Land Use Scenarios Online Presentation

Land Use Scenarios Presentation Slides

Vision Statement, Goals and Policies

Crafted from community outreach, observations from the Existing Conditions Report and themes from Vision 2040, the vision statement, goals and policies will form the outline of the Comprehensive Plan and guide the project team's work moving forward. 

Vision Statement, Goals and Policies

Visioning Workshop Summary

The public was invited to a Comprehensive Plan Visioning Workshop on April 6, 2022, at Lenexa City Hall. Attendees learned more about the current state of land use and development in Lenexa, explored big ideas from Vision 2040 and gave feedback on how these should be implemented through the new Comprehensive Plan.

Visioning Workshop Summary

Existing Conditions Report

The Existing Conditions Report provides an overview of current issues, opportunities, challenges and assets in the community. This document, completed in April 2022, will inform the development of goals, policies and land use recommendations in the new Comprehensive Plan.

Existing Conditions Report

Community Questionnaire Results

An online survey posted in late fall 2021 provided an opportunity for members of the community to weigh in on the strengths and weaknesses of areas including housing, business development, parks and more. 

Community Survey Summary

November Workshop Summaries

The week of November 7, 2022, the City of Lenexa and Houseal Lavigne's project consultant team hosted a series of stakeholder workshops to help gather feedback about current conditions and needs in Lenexa. At most of the workshops, attendees were given worksheets asking them to name five top issues or concerns confronting the Lenexa community, identify three specific projects or actions they'd like to see undertaken and list the City's primary strengths and assets. Summaries of these workshops are available below.

Elected Officials Roundtable Summary

Steering Committee Summary

Technical Advisory Committee Summary

Park Board Summary

Business Community Summary

Student Workshop Summary