Long-Term Planning and Studies

Housing Demand StudyOld Town StudyQuivira Road Corridor StudyComplete Streets Study

The Community Development Department is responsible for coordinating long-range plans and studies that help guide the future growth, development and infrastructure of Lenexa. Below, you'll find summaries of Lenexa-specific long-range plans like the Comprehensive Plan and studies like the Quivira Road Corridor Study, plus links to each project's final report and/or project webpage. Links to studies and information accepted by the Lenexa Governing Body that have been completed by other agencies are also provided.

Climate Action Playbook (2020)

On Aug. 18, 2020, the Lenexa City Council accepted the Climate Action Playbook developed by Climate Action KC, a community partnership dedicated to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and promoting a thriving, climate-resilient Kansas City metro region. The Climate Action Playbook includes recommended actions and policies to reduce pollution and its negative effects. The playbook provides a menu of ideas ready to implement at the local level via a regional approach. The recommended actions are built around six sectors: 

  • Buildings and cities
  • Electricity generation
  • Food
  • Land use
  • Materials
  • Transportation

The playbook encourages local governments to choose strategies appropriate for their jurisdiction, including leading by example and enacting policies to ensure private sector participation. City resources (staffing and fiscal) and stakeholder perspectives should be taken into account when considering strategies to pursue. Strategies at the local level can include public outreach and education, new programs or code amendments that would implement a new requirement for the private sector to employ. 
Climate Action Playbook

Complete Streets Study (2019)

Complete Streets are a network of infrastructure like roadways, trails, bike lanes and sidewalks that create comfortable, safe, efficient connections for drivers, pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users. In summer 2018, the City of Lenexa began working with a consultant team to prepare a Complete Street Plan to guide future transportation improvements. The final Complete Streets Plan, approved by the City Council in December 2019, includes recommendations to provide access and connectivity, improve safety and comfort and encourage a culture of walking and biking. The plan also features recommended networks for bicyclists and pedestrians, plus a policy and technology recommendations.
Complete Streets Study Summary Complete Streets Study Final Report

Quivira Road Corridor Study (2018)

The Quivira Road Corridor is a major transportation and commercial hub for Lenexa. In July 2017, the City of Lenexa received a grant to study the corridor and make recommendations regarding appropriate land uses and multimodal transportation opportunities that build upon recent redevelopment activity. Accepted by the City Council in July 2018, the final Quivira Road Corridor Study provides a guide to encouraging major reinvestment opportunities positioned for long-term financial prosperity, improving accessibility for multiple modes of transportation and adding placemaking elements that make the corridor feel safe and beautiful while enhancing the area's unique character. 
Quivira Road Corridor Study Summary Quivira Road Corridor Study Final Report

A New Look at Old Town Lenexa (2016)

Old Town is the original town site of Lenexa, featuring a mix of businesses, homes, churches, public recreation facilities and a historic business district along a railroad line. In 2015, Lenexa received a grant to work on an action plan that highlights redevelopment opportunities in Old Town while building on the area's history and character. The project's goals included improving the district's appearance and connectivity while strengthening and expanding its role as a destination for festivals and events. The final plan, accepted in July 2016, includes a site concept for Old Town and a list of recommendations for private property owners, merchants and the City.
A New Look at Old Town Summary A New Look at Old Town Final Report