Alarm Permits

Commercial and residential alarm systems are designed to alert you and a remote monitoring station when there is a concern. That monitoring station then contacts the 911 dispatch center to alert police and fire to respond.

Register your alarm

According to Lenexa City Code, if you have an alarm system in your business or home, you must register it with us. Doing so allows us to appropriately respond to alarms and helps reduce the number of false alarm calls for our emergency responders.

  • You should register your system immediately upon installation.

  • There is no cost to register your alarm system, but we will charge a non-registration fee if the Police or Fire Departments respond to an alarm and the system is not registered.

Register a residential or commercial alarm

False alarms

If you have more than two false alarms in a 12-month period, we will assess an incrementally increasing false alarm fee for each false alarm.