Right-of-Way Permits

The public right-of-way typically extends 11 feet behind the back of curb in residential areas or 1 foot behind the sidewalk in other areas. If you are unsure of the right-of-way limits, call 913.477.7500.

Right-of-way permits are required for all work in the public right of way, with the following exceptions:

  • Normal maintenance of street or parkway lawn areas, which are considered a part of abutting private property; plantings; or installation of street signs.

  • City of Lenexa Capital Improvement Projects.

  • Projects with an approved public improvement permit.

  • The following guidelines are in addition to the requirements in Lenexa City Code Section 4-1-B-23-AE-Wireless Communication Facility: Wireless Facilities Guidelines

Apply for a right-of-way permit

You or your contractor will be required to register through our online right-of-way permitting portal.

Pre-application for Small Cell Sites

Right-of-Way Online Registration

Registration requirements

  • Annual maintenance bond, or other approved financial guarantee, covering all excavations during each calendar year, for $10,000.

  • Be insured under a general liability policy covering property damage and bodily injury, with minimum limits of $500,000 per occurrence.

Once you are registered, you can submit a permit application. You will be asked to provide:

  • Project prints

  • Underground locate numbers

  • List of subcontractors

Sod Installation

Please watch the video below for proper sod installation procedures

Monty Zimmerman
Right-of-Way Manager