Your Home

Suburban homeFind all the resources you need to take care of your home, keep it safe and be a good neighbor while understanding our role in creating a beautiful city.

Remodeling/Project Permits

Most projects you do to improve your home will require a building permit, a licensed contractor (or you to do the work yourself) and inspections.

Home Repair Assistance

If your home needs repair work done, you may qualify for our Exterior Grant Program (based on the age and assessed value of your home) or repair assistance programs through Johnson County.

Property Maintenance

The key to keeping our community beautiful is ensuring everyone keeps their homes and businesses properly maintained.

Rental Property Requirements

If you own rental properties, you are required to have a rental license and have each property inspected every other year.

Right of Way & Easements

We often receive questions about utility companies working in your front and back yards. Learn about rights of way and utility easements and what that means for you.

Temporary Signs

While most temporary signs don't require a permit, there are several rules that apply to their size and placement. Those rules may differ if an election is near. 

Vacation House Watch

If you go on vacation or leave your home for an extended period of time, you can request Lenexa police officers to make periodic checks to ensure it is safe and secure while you’re gone.

Garage Sales

Planning a garage sale, craft sale, estate sale or sample sale at a residence in Lenexa? Here are some things to keep in mind.