If you are accused of a crime, our diversion program allows you to possibly avoid a conviction. In diversion, you enter into a contract to comply with certain conditions.  

If you successfully complete all of the conditions of your diversion program, your charges will be dismissed.  

How to apply

If you have been charged with a violation (including one involving alcohol or drugs) please complete the diversion information packet and application and bring the completed application with you to court.  

If it is an alcohol or drug violation, you will also need to get an evaluation through a certified ADSAP agency and have the evaluation available to the prosecutor before you appear on your court date. 

Certified ASDAP Agencies (Select ‘Alcohol & Drug Evaluators Certification According to KSA 8-1008’, then select ‘Alcohol & Drug Evaluators.’ This will download a spreadsheet that can be sorted by county.)