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Outside Resources

The following resources are provided by outside agencies but may be helpful to you. 


You may be ordered to complete a court-approved class for things like shoplifting, anger management or defensive driving. You are responsible for providing proof of completion to Lenexa Municipal Court via email at courts@lenexa.com, fax at 913.477.7619, or by mail.  


We submit outstanding debts to the Collections Bureau of Kansas (CBK). Their Customer Service Department can be reached at 785.228.3636 or toll free at 866.858.3636.

Driver's Licenses

Kansas has varying classes of driver’s licenses for teen drivers through a graduated driver’s license program.  

DUI Agencies

If you have been charged with a violation involving alcohol, you will need to obtain an evaluation from a licensed agency.  

Evaluation agencies in Kansas (Select Behavioral Health Licensing, Licensing, and then Alcohol & Drug Evaluators.) This will download a spreadsheet that can be sorted by county.

House Arrest

The Lenexa Municipal Court utilizes Greenfeather Monitoring House Arrest as an alternative to incarceration at the jail. You are allowed to go to work, school, probation meetings and court hearings as well as attend any counseling or treatment ordered by the Court. 

The requirements for house arrest are as follows:

  • You must pay $100 upon intake to start house arrest. If you do not have the funds at intake, you will be denied and must return to Court as directed by Greenfeather Monitoring to see the judge.

  • You must have a stable address where you are living, and you must have a cell phone.

  • You must have no illegal drugs in your system to start house arrest. If you take any prescription medications, you must bring your prescription and/or pill bottle to intake.There will be a urinalysis (UA) upon intake, and if it comes back positive for any illegal drugs, you will be denied and must return to court as directed by Greenfeather Monitoring to see the judge.

  • If you fail to appear for your intake, you are ordered to appear in Lenexa Municipal Court the very next business day or a warrant will issue for your arrest.

Once you start house arrest:

  • Absolutely no alcohol or illegal drug use will be tolerated.You will be tested by UA’s at AverHealth at your own cost ($16 per UA). If a positive result comes back for alcohol or drug usage and you want further confirmation testing, you must notify Greenfeather Monitoring staff and request the testing from AverHealth and pay for it ($35 per test).

  • You must continue to pay on your house arrest bill.

  • If you are starting house arrest upon your release from the Johnson County Adult Detention Center, you must have transportation arranged to immediately take you from the jail directly to the house arrest office.

  • IUnless the house arrest is a condition of probation, you must appear in court for a house arrest review when the judge will review your performance on house arrest, verify that you paid for your house arrest, and verify that any counseling, classes or treatment ordered by the court has been completed or that you are currently enrolled and attending the required classes/sessions.

Greenfeather Monitoring
302 S. Claiborne, Suite B1
Olathe, KS 66062
Intake hours: Monday - Friday 8:30 A.M - 5 P.M.

Legal Resources

To find an attorney, contact the Kansas Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service at 800.928.3111 or Kansas Legal Services at 800.675.5860. 

Johnson County Law Library (resources for statutes and case law)  

Supervision Monitors

You may be ordered by the judge to have a supervision monitor if sentenced to diversion or probation.

Court-approved supervision monitors 

You may also have the option to participate in a Community Weekend Intervention program

Veterans' Assistance

If you are a veteran, you may qualify for the Veterans Justice Outreach Program through the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. 

Vehicle Registration

Information about registering your vehicle in Johnson County can be found here.