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Security Measure

Fire Safety

Your safety is our top priority – whether it’s at your home or business. Our Prevention Division focuses on ensuring you have the information you need. Choose a topic below to learn more.  


Commercial and residential alarms are designed to alert the property owner and a remote monitoring station when there is a concern. That monitoring station then contacts the 911 dispatch center to alert us to respond. Lenexa requires all alarms to be registered through the Lenexa Police Department.  

We inspect all businesses in Lenexa each year to ensure each building is safe for its occupants, patrons and neighboring businesses. Learn about the most common fire inspection violations we see and how to correct them.  

When you have an emergency, we respond as quickly as we can. But, without proper building addresses, we may have a difficult time finding your location.  

Open burning is allowed in Lenexa under certain conditions, and you must obtain a burning permit before you are allowed to do so.  

Having a carbon monoxide detector and a smoke detector in your home or business could save your life.  

Having an exit strategy in case of an emergency is important, and practicing where to go is just as important.  

Having a fire extinguisher available and knowing how to use one could prevent property damage and possibly save your life. Learn the requirements for fire extinguishers and how to get training.  

We have adopted the International Fire Codes to ensure our community’s buildings and structures remain safe. 

Living in an apartment brings specific challenges when it comes to fire safety. We inspect apartment buildings each year. Learn what we look for and what you can do to keep yourself out of harm’s way.  

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