Fire Lane Markings

Fire lanes are designated by the Lenexa Fire Department as required for site and building access, as well as access to fire protection systems. During the plan review and inspection phases, the need for fire lanes shall be identified and indicated on the site plans. At any time during the life of the building, the Lenexa Fire Department may identify the need for additional fire lanes and require them to be marked accordingly.

Authority: The Lenexa Fire Department shall have the authority to designate fire lanes for the purpose of fire or rescue operations. The Lenexa Fire Department shall also have the authority to require an increase in the minimum access widths where they are inadequate for fire or rescue operations.
Fire lanes shall have an unobstructed width of not less than 20 feet from the marked curb or painted yellow stripe.

Signage: Each separate fire lane sign, which may consist of one sign or a combination of signs, shall have a minimum dimension of 12 inches wide and 18 inches high and have red letters on a white reflective background. Each sign shall include the words "No Parking" or the no parking symbol with the words "Fire Lane" located directly beneath the "No Parking" or symbol. Each sign or combination of signs must be uniformly mounted with the bottom of the sign at six feet off the ground.

The signage must be posted no more than six feet from the designated area. When signage is posted next to a street or parking lot, the signs must be double sided and visible from both directions of travel. When a fire lane is designated next to a building, the sign age may be posted on the building parallel to the fire lane. The signs, or combination of signs, are required to be posted at the beginning of the restricted area and the end of the restricted area and at least every 100 feet within the restricted area.

Fire lane curbing identification:
Designated Fire lane curbing must be painted yellow for the entire length of the fire lane. Other areas may be required to have diagonal pavement striping to identify fire apparatus access needs. In areas designated as fire lanes where no curb is present, a five-inch yellow strip shall be painted near the edge of the pavement and proper sign age must be posted.

Responsibility: Property owners shall ensure Fire lane signs and identifiers are maintained in a clean and legible condition at all times and shall be replaced, repaired or repainted when necessary to provide adequate visibility.

Where required by the Fire Code Official, additional fire lane markings may be necessary for access to fire hydrants, fire department connections, standpipe connections, or any other areas to identify fire apparatus access needs.
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