Fire Protection & Utility Equipment Identification

Rooms, units, or spaces containing fire protection equipment and utility controls must be properly identified. Proper identification includes two-inch (2") letters of a contrasting color to the background. Exceptions to this requirement will be granted by the fire code official when identification signs are part of a sign package used throughout a building. The following locations shall be identified: 
  • Electrical Room
  • Sprinkler/Riser Room
  • Alarm Panel
  • Boiler Room
  • Mechanical Room
  • Alternative Fire Protection Controls
  • Roof Access
  • Interior/Exterior Pedestrian Door Blocked
  • Elevator Room

Exterior overhead doors and their function shall not be eliminated without prior approval. Exterior overhead doors that have been rendered non-functional and that retain a functional door exterior appearance shall have a sign affixed to the exterior side of the door with the words DOOR BLOCKED. The sign shall consist of letters having a principal stroke of not less than ¾ inch wide and not less than 6 inches high on a contrasting background.

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