KnoxBox Requirements

Exterior boxes:
KnoxBox® - 3200 series - to be installed on single occupancy buildings.
KnoxVault® - 4400 series - to be installed on buildings with two or more businesses.

Exterior boxes need to be located at either the front entry or at the Fire Department Connection, for each building. The top of the box shall be mounted between 48 and 72 inches above grade. Both models are available in surface or recessed mount styles. The building owner/tenant shall provide master keys/master pass cards for all locks that provide access to the fire alarm control panels and/or fire sprinkler controls, as well as any keys needed for the purpose of life safety.

Knox Elevator Box™- 1400 series. It should be located on the main floor in close proximity to the elevator shaft, preferably less than 10 feet from the elevator controls. The fire department can assist with determining the best location. The building owner/tenant shall provide keys for elevator access and firefighter override control.

Knox® Padlocks -3700 series - May be required by the fire code official when Lenexa Fire Department apparatus or personnel access is restricted.

Knox® Residential Box - 1600 series - May be used for single-family residences and other locations when authorized by the fire code official.

All orders are completed online. Navigate to to view options and prices. After selecting the products needed and entering the address of the building where the box will be installed, the order will be sent to Lenexa Fire Department for approval. After the order has been approved, you will be notified by email that your order is ready to be paid for. After the items have been paid for, they will be shipped, usually arriving within 1-2 weeks.

If you have any questions about which products are required, or approved mounting locations, please contact the Lenexa Fire Department Prevention Division at (913) 477-7990. After the box has been mounted, contact the LFD Prevention Division to secure building keys inside the box.
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