Private Fire Hydrants

The Lenexa Fire Department's fire suppression capabilities rely heavily on private fire hydrants because they are an indispensable facet of the overall fire protection features of a building. Annual maintenance and testing will ensure proper function when needed in an emergency. Property owners within the City of Lenexa are solely responsible for the maintenance and testing of privately owned fire hydrants. These requirements are based upon the standards listed in NFPA 24, 25, and 291 as well as Section 507.5.3 of the 2018 International Fire Code adopted by the City of Lenexa. Documentation of required maintenance and testing shall be provided to the Lenexa Fire Department on an annual basis.

Annual Inspection, Testing and Maintenance 

Requirements for annual inspection, testing, and maintenance can be found in NFPA 25, chapter 7. Inspection should also include verification of hydrant color. The Lenexa Fire Department requires all private hydrants to be painted red. Annual inspection documentation shall include all information contained in the LFD Fire Hydrant Inspection Form.

It is the responsibility and requirement of the inspection company testing your fire and life safety systems to submit all test reports to us via The Compliance Engine.

Please contact Capt. Dave Little at 913.477.7912 or [email protected] if you have any questions.

Hydrant Capacity Flow Test

The purpose of flow testing of private hydrants is to verify pressure and flow capabilities in order to determine how much water is available for firefighting activities. The Lenexa Fire Department requires documentation of a Hydrant Capacity Flow Test (also known as a single-hydrant test) be submitted every five years. Click on the green button below to use our Fire Hydrant Flow Calculator. Flow test documentation shall include the following:

  • Discharge opening size
  • Coefficient
  • Static pressure
  • Residual pressure
  • Pitot pressure
  • GPM flow
  • Projected GPM available at 20 psi residual

The Lenexa Fire Department records the information listed in the documentation and identifies the private hydrants according to their available flow at 20 psi residual pressure. The Lenexa Fire Department will mark all private fire hydrants with a colored band below the bonnet according to the following colors found in NFPA 291, chapter 5, to indicate the expected fire flow during normal operation:

  • 1,500 gpm or greater (Class AA) — Blue
  • 1,000-1,499 gpm (Class A) — Green
  • 500-999 gpm (Class B) — Orange
  • Less than 500 gpm (Class C) — Red

Contractors completing annual inspection and flow testing of private hydrants in the City of Lenexa may use the online form available at the link below but inspection reports must also be submitted via The Compliance Engine.
Online Form — Annual Hydrant Inspection and Flow Test