Stairway Identification Signs

A sign shall be provided at each floor landing of all interior exit stairways connecting more than three stories. Each sign shall include the following information: 
  • Designation of floor level
  • Level of exit discharge
  • Roof access
  • Identification of the stairway by color

Signage requirements:

  • Two signs shall be located at each floor, five feet above the floor, one inside and one outside the stairwell enclosure, readily visible when the doors are in the open and closed positions.
  • The signs shall be a minimum size of eighteen inches (18") by twelve inches (12").
  • The letters designating the identification of the interior exit stairway shall be a minimum of one and one-half inches (1 ½") in height.
  • The number designating the floor level shall be a minimum of five inches (5") in height and located in the center of the sign.
  • All other lettering and numbers shall be a minimum of one inch (1") in height.
  • Colored border shall be a minimum of one half inch (1/2") wide. The signs shall be color coded, or have colored borders that are identified as follows: red shall be used for the primary exit enclosure with roof access, yellow for the secondary stairwell, blue for the third stairwell, white for the fourth, and green for the fifth.
  • Characters and their background shall have a non-glare finish. Characters shall be contrasting on color to the background.

Stairway identification sign examples

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