Exit Drills

Family looking at their hom

Just like schools practice fire drills, so should you at home through a practice called EDITH (exit drills in the home). When each member of your home knows and practices your escape plan, you’re more likely to stay safe during an emergency.  

Prepare your family’s plan 

Follow these steps to create an effective exit plan for your family:  

  1. Identify two ways to exit every bedroom in your home.  
  2. Make an actual drawing of your home’s floor plan and mark the exit routes.  

  3. Choose a family meeting place that is a safe distance from your home and show it on the drawing.  

  4. Talk about your plan with each member of your family.  

  5. Practice fire drills – preferably at night after everyone is asleep – to make it as realistic as possible. Time yourself and look for ways to improve safety.  

Talk about important steps 

Once you have a plan in place, talk with your family about the plan, including these procedures:  

  • Make sure everyone knows the sound of the smoke alarm and knows to yell for family members as they escape.  

  • When exiting the building, everyone should stay low in smoky and hot environments.  

  • Touch doors to test them for heat before opening them.  

  • If you’re unable to escape on your own, don’t hide in locations that make it difficult for firefighters to find you.  

  • No one should go back inside once they have made it outside. If a family member or a pet is still inside, tell the firefighters as they arrive.