Frequently Asked Questions

How many people are employed by the Lenexa Fire Department?

When we are fully staffed, there are 93 employees in the Lenexa Fire Department.

How many firefighters are on duty every day?

There are between 21 and 27 firefighters on duty during each 24-hour shift. There are additional people on duty in leadership and administrative roles during normal business hours. 

How many fire stations does Lenexa have?

Lenexa has six fire stations staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Why did another fire department respond to my house or business?

We participate in automatic aid and mutual aid agreements with many of the surrounding communities. This enables local fire departments to help each other out when one is busy with other calls or needs more resources then they currently have available. All Johnson County departments are dispatched by the Johnson County Communications Center, which tracks available units for member departments. They will often send a unit from another fire department if they are able to determine that it can get to the emergency quicker, or if the closest Lenexa units are already busy. We also respond to many calls outside our city. 

Does the Lenexa Fire Department provide both fire and emergency medical response?

Yes, we respond to all fire, rescue and emergency medical incidents in Lenexa. Whether a fire department pumper or rescue squad unit arrives, it will be manned by trained, certified professionals capable of providing basic and/or advanced emergency care.

Can I bring my family or small group in for a tour of a fire station?

Absolutely. We welcome visitors. If possible, we ask that you schedule your visit in advance to ensure that firefighters are in house and available for the tour. You may also call our business office at 913.888.6380 with additional questions. 

Does the Lenexa Fire Department allow members of the public to ride along and observe calls and activities?

Yes, we fully support community involvement in our mission, including direct observation of activities. You must be at least 16 years of age (If you are under 18, we require a parent’s signed permission). You also must complete a ride-along application form, a release from responsibility form and a privacy agreement. For more information, please call our business office at 913.888.6380.

How does the Lenexa Fire Department use their quadcopter?

On Oct. 14, 2014, the Federal Aviation Administration issued the City of Lenexa Fire Department a Certificate of Authorization to operate an unmanned aircraft system (small quadcopter). The quadcopter allows us to take aerial video and still pictures of training scenarios and emergency incidents, offering a unique perspective we have not been able to obtain before. This new perspective will allow us to hone operational practices in an effort to enhance proficiency and service delivery.

Why are windows broken or holes cut in roofs during firefighting operations?

As a fire burns, it moves upward then outward. Breaking the windows and/or cutting holes in the roof allows smoke and heat to escape the structure. This ventilation enables firefighters to operate safely and efficiently. An unventilated structure can allow heat to build up to the point that even firefighter protective gear is inadequate for protection. Additionally, it is common for unventilated structures to have zero visibility due to smoke buildup. Ventilation also limits the spread of fire and smoke, thus reducing damage. 

How do I submit inspection or testing reports for fire and life safety systems?

It is the responsibility and requirement of the inspection company testing your fire and life safety systems to submit all test reports via The Compliance Engine.