Fire Safety Education Resources

Sparky the fire dog cooking in the kitchen safely.

Welcome to the Lenexa Fire Department’s 2020 Fire Prevention Month fire safety resource page. Unfortunately, due to COVID-19 precautions, we are unable to be in-person, teaching your students about fire safety. We recorded several videos and gathered resources to share with teachers in hopes that we can work together to get this important information to the kids. We would like to ask for your help with educating your students about the importance of fire safety this year.

Below, you will find videos and links which are intended to cover many of the topics we typically cover in-person each year. In addition, we have provided links to educational materials that would benefit students and parents to learn about beyond the classroom. If you see videos or other materials on this page that are not listed for your grade level but you think they would be appropriate for your students, feel free to share them as you see fit. The Lenexa Fire Department would like to thank you for your help in educating our children on the importance of fire safety.

The City of Lenexa and the Lenexa Fire Department would like to thank all of the teachers and educators who are dedicated to shaping the future generation of leaders in our community. If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions regarding the content on this webpage, please contact Captain Dave Little at