The City of Lenexa values its employees as the most vital resource for advancing the City's mission and programs. Through our total compensation program, we strive to accomplish two primary goals: to attract, retain, and motivate a highly talented, diverse workforce and to encourage and reward workplace activities that support the City's mission and overall objectives.

We are committed to paying fair wages based on your job responsibilities and qualifications, without regard to race, color, creed, age, sex, national origin, or disability.

Pay Plan

The employee pay plan is part of the City’s compensation program. The City will annually review relevant data in recommending annual adjustments to the pay range structure. Adjustments to the pay range structure will be considered, dependent upon budget availability. Human Resources will recommend pay range structure adjustments to be approved by the City Manager and Governing Body.

2023 Pay Plan

2023 Variable Pay Plan

Salary Surveys

The City periodically conducts comparable local, regional, and national wage and salary surveys to help determine appropriate and competitive salary levels.