The Municipal Services Department is made up of five divisions that are responsible for the creation and maintenance of public infrastructure in Lenexa.

Facilities Management 

Man installing an air conditioner

Our Facilities Management Division is responsible for 40 city buildings, equaling approximately 269,000 square feet of space. Staff includes a team of four technicians, a foreman, a manager and an administrative assistant. The staff includes technicians who address issues involving lighting, HVAC, electrical, plumbing and construction in the buildings.

Fleet Maintenance 

Man standing next to a car.

Our fleet maintenance team maintains and repairs nearly 375 city vehicles (including police and fire vehicles), and more than 250 small engines (weed-eaters, mowers and chainsaws). They operate a body and paint shop for city vehicles and perform towing and recovery services, welding and fabrication.


Three men cleaning out a storm drain

Our Municipal Services Stormwater Division was established as part of our Rain to Recreation initiative to protect Lenexa’s water quality and natural habitats. They are responsible for implementing the city’s watershed management practices and providing education to residents about how to reduce the amount of contaminants that run into our public waterways. Specific activities may include clearing debris from storm drains and structures, creek wall stabilization, and the replacement of aging storm pipe. Crews also maintain a growing list of city-owned BMPs, which could be anything from rain gardens and constructed wetlands, to manmade storm box filters.


Traffic cones on a street

The Streets Division maintains Lenexa’s street network of 843 lane miles of roads and 36.78 miles of hiking/biking trails. Maintenance of the streets and trails includes sidewalk repairs, street sweeping, pothole patching, broken curb repair, mill and overlay, and micro/slurry sealing. The Streets Division is also responsible for:


Traffic signals leaned on a traffic vehicle

Our Traffic Division consists of a superintendent, four signal technicians and one sign technician. They are responsible for the inspection, repair, and maintenance of the city’s traffic signals, streetlights, and signs. The sign shop manufactures and installs new signs and repairs or replaces aging or damaged signs. The Traffic Division works closely with our transportation engineer in the Community Development Department on signal timing, new installations, and traffic counts. The division maintain approximately 7,000 street lights, 65 traffic signals and over 11,000 street signs. They inspect all traffic signals twice a year, relamp about 1,500 street lights a year.

The division responds to more than 700 service requests from citizens each year, and assists with the setup and take down of most city-sponsored events.