Municipal Services staff provide a variety of services that help make Lenexa a great place to live. These include:  

Twice per year (once in the spring and once in the fall), you can bring large bulky waste to the Municipal Services Center, 7700 Cottonwood St., for a small fee.  

  • Residents are allowed one curbside large item pickup each year. To schedule this, contact your trash hauler.  

Free mulch  

We provide free mulch throughout the year outside of our Municipal Services Center, 7700 Cottonwood St. The mulch consists of ground tree material that residents and our crews have collected. You are responsible for loading and hauling your own mulch.  

If you see a street light out, a pothole on a road, or another issue, you can report the problem using our service request system. Your request will be directed to the staff member who is responsible for getting it fixed, and status reports will be updated as your request moves along in the process.  

Street sweeping  

Our staff clean the 650 lane miles of roads to keep our community looking beautiful and our stormwater system healthy. The frequency for each street is based on traffic levels. Please do not dump yard waste into the streets if you see our sweepers coming – our equipment is not built to clean large amounts of debris at a time.  

During the winter months, we continually monitor weather and road conditions to ensure our roads are safe and driveable. Our goal is to have all roads in Lenexa treated and cleared within 48 hours of the completion of a snow or ice storm. We provide periodic snow plowing updates on our Snow Headquarters. 

We do not provide curbside trash and recycling pickup service. This service is provided by private trash haulers who are licensed to do business in Lenexa, and you can choose which hauler you would like to use.