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Snow plowing into a cul-de-sac
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Snow plow going by a driveway
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Snow plow driving by a car
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 When snow plows are clearing cul-de-sacs, it is often difficult to find a place to push the excess snow because of the lack of curb space. Our crews attempt to pile the snow where they can, but excess snow may fall in front of driveways, creating windrows.  We're often asked why snow plow drivers push snow into a driveway after the homeowner has already shoveled the driveway. The reality is that this is unavoidable.  To help reduce the appearance of windrows, pile snow on the left side of your driveway (facing your home), and shovel an inlet on the right side. When cars are parked on the street during and after a snow storm, it prevents snow plow drivers from properly clearing the roads. It also increases the possibility of cars being buried by windrows of snow when the plows go by.  

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