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Public Art

Painting with multiple colorsSmall scuplture of a bisonLarge whimsical scuplturePainting of an autumn landscapeMetal sculptures of bulls on a hillMetal sculpture of birds in the waterSculpture of man making ice cream.Oil painting of a man hunting pheasantsBlack abstract sculptureBronze statue of Native American womanFabriz quilt with orange colorsSculpture of a person swimming in a pond.Metal bicycles.Steel sculpture of a horse and foxesAbstract sculpture of a person running.Welded steel and wood snakeQuilt with Lenexa buildings on it.Sculpture of a woman washing clothes.Bronze sculpture of an eaglePainting of a winter scene in Lenexa.

Abstract Spinach Garden: This fresco casein on canvas was donated by local artist Joy Baer in 2013. The piece is displayed in Thompson Barn.

American Bison: This marble sculpture, located inside City Hall, is by Tom Laisure. It won the "People's Choice" award in our 1988 3-D Art Show.

Amusing Breeze: This piece features a colorful, abstract bicycle atop a mosaic glass ball by artist Chris Duh. It is located along 87th Street Parkway at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park.

Autumn Landscape: This oil-and-canvas painting by Donna Carrington was one of Lenexa's first pieces of public art and depicts western Lenexa before it was annexed.

Bull Ridge: These are the positives from Robert Morris's Bull Wall near the American Royal in Kansas City, Mo. We acquired Bull Ridge in 1999. In 2015, the art was relocated to Prairie Star Parkway.

Frenzied Flight: Located at Central Green Park, this sculpture by Lenexa artist Robin Richerson, is an abstract depiction of three birds in flight, fighting for the same fish.

Grampa: The grandfather making old-fashioned ice cream represents three men from artist Robert M. Morlan's family: his grandfather, father and himself. It is located at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park.

Hunter with Pheasants: This early acquisition by artist Gene Roncka, is an artistic look at one of the state’s popular pastimes.

Kuros: Eleanor Lawrence created this sculpture of black African wonder stone. This was the first selection by the Arts Council for the 1985 3-D Art Show.

Na Nex Se: Dedicated in 2004 to honor Lenexa’s former mayor Joan Bowman, this bronze statue by Kwan Wu is of Lenexa’s namesake. This statue will be relocated to the new City Hall at City Center.

Sundown: We acquired this work created by Charlotte Funk in 1987. This colorful tapestry is currently on display in the Lenexa Community Center.

Swimmer: Sculptor David Hickman's abstract female form “swims” in the pond at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park every summer, but is stored for safety during the cold seasons.

Team Illusion: This painted steel sculpture by David Hickman was displayed in Rose's Pond until 2012.

The Hunt: This life-size steel work was created by Courtney Newcomer. It is on 83rd Street west of Pflumm Road.

The Jogger: This is the unofficial mascot of runners in the Freedom Run. It is by Arli Regier and is located outside the Community Center.

The Serpent: Area kids delight in climbing on J. Derek Arnold's “The Serpent,” a welded-steel and wood creation that guards Snake Island in the pond at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park.

This City is Lenexa, Kansas: A quilt donated by Joan Nicholson in 2014 depicts many Lenexa landmarks.

Wash Day: This Fred J. Darpino sculpture was created using a warm bronze patina.

Windswept: This bronze sculpture of a soaring eagle was created by artist Patti Stajcar. It is displayed outside the public entrance to the Lenexa Police Department.

Winter Landscape: A memorable depiction of a familiar winter scene, this Gene Roncka lithograph was another of the city's earliest acquisitions.

We have been building our public art collection since the early 1980s. It includes two- and three-dimensional pieces located throughout the city on public property and features artwork created by local, national and international artists.

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