Community Gardens

The City of Lenexa offers three community gardens for residents:
  • Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park – started in 1997

  • Electric Park – started in 2010

  • Scouting Park – started in 2016

Our community gardens stimulate social interaction, produce nutritious food, conserve resources and create opportunities for recreation, exercise and education. Gardeners grow vegetables, flowers and herbs for their own use and to help the community. The gardens also provide demonstrations to observe different techniques for growing the same produce at home.

How to participate

We have a waiting list to participate in our community gardens.

Join the waitlist
  • Fees are $13 for 5' x 20' ground plot, $20 for a 5’ x 20’ raised bed; $25 for a 10’ x 20’ plot; and $50 for a 20’ x 20’ plot.

  • Once you are notified that a plot is available, you will be asked to sign the Community Garden Agreement and complete an application.

  • The gardening season is from mid-March to mid-October. During that time, you are responsible for planting and keeping your plot weeded, watered and harvested.

  • View the Community Garden Rules

Contact information

Jenny Doty, 913.477.7132, [email protected]