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Lenexa Parks & Recreation Reopening Plan Details

Trails are open for use.

Lenexa Parks & Recreation is following a phased reopening plan for facilities, programs, events and services.

Learn about what to expect

Trails are one of our most used recreational amenities. We maintain more than 32 miles of trails for biking and hiking with varied scenery, including wooded areas, open prairies and along lakes and ponds. We encourage you to find a trail using the map below and explore the nature around you.
Kansas City Area Regional Trails and Bikeways Map (includes Lenexa trails)

We are committed to maintaining our current trails and planning strategically for new trails. As part of this commitment, we completed a trails alignment analysis in 2009. This document guides us on how to best integrate future trails in our community.

Lenexa Trails Alignment Analysis

Emergency trail markers

Woman talking on a phone next to a trail Emergency signBecause many of our trails are in isolated or remote areas, we have placed emergency trail markers along the path to make it easier for emergency responders to find you. We encourage you to bring a cell phone with you when using the trails. If you need emergency assistance, dial 911 and tell the operator the numbers and letters that are posted on the nearest emergency trail marker sign.