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The Building Services Division is essential in providing a safe and clean environment for citizens and employees of Lenexa in all public buildings. Building Services oversees the cleaning services of 17 city-owned facilities throughout the city, which equates to over 300,000 square feet of building space.  

The Building Services operation extends far beyond the cleaning of facilities. Our division is essential in the successful event setups at all of Lenexa’s venues. We do setups for over 70 weddings per year, many large gatherings and also help support the City’s festivals. Our staff is well trained, knowledgeable and vital to providing a great experience for all patrons.

Current job opportunities

Job types

Building Services Worker I

The Building Services Worker gets to perform duties in a variety of locations and has the primary responsibility for cleaning multiple municipal buildings and adjacent grounds.

Work occasionally requires the moving or lifting of heavy furniture, supplies and equipment. This position participates at special events, rentals and programs at a variety of City facilities and parks. 

Building Services Worker II

The Building Services Worker II gets to perform similar duties to that of a Building Services Worker I, but begins to take on more of a leadership role. A Worker II is also trained and capable of operating most of the equipment used by the division. 

This position will serve as a team leader within the Building Services division and will require some supervision and oversight of other staff. In addition to performing custodial work and a variety of general maintenance duties, the Building Services Worker II positions are assigned projects at a single facility or provide custodial services at multiple facilities independently.  

Building Services Worker III

The Building Services Worker gets to perform similar duties to that of both the Building Services Worker I and II and is also in a more independent leadership role. 

This position will also serve as a team leader within the Building Services division and will require some supervision and oversight of other staff. Work is performed with latitude for the exercise of independent judgment and action to achieve and promote the City’s values.  

Building Services Worker Crew Leader

Crew Leaders have the primary responsibility of monitoring staff, preparing staff schedules, purchasing supplies and otherwise caring for buildings and adjacent grounds. 

Crew Leaders are tasked with a multitude of duties while leading and directing full- and part-time custodians in maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of buildings, offices, break rooms, fitness spaces, furnishings, and building entrances and exterior walkways. 

Crew Leaders are responsible for training new employees in proper custodial procedures for the use of manually operated tools, electrically-powered machines, cleaning compounds, solvents and chemicals. Crew Leaders are also heavily involved in the hiring of our Building Service Workers. 

Employee training and growth

Our training and development matrix, with over 30 courses, ensures our staff is engaged and well trained. It allows frontline employees to become more knowledgeable about our operation and grow within the division. The matrix is a multilayered program that puts employees on the road to success.

Each module within the program outlines goals and markers employees need to meet to become proficient at their job. An example would be: an employee has occupied a position for 24–36 months, completed the components delineated in the matrix, and has satisfactory or above evaluations. In that case, they have an opportunity for advancement.

Frequently asked questions

What hours and days will I be working?

There are several different work schedules and hours, which vary based on the position. We try to work with each individual to get a consistent schedule. Hours will be discussed during the interview process.

What are the opportunities for growth?

Several employees have started in part-time roles and worked their way up to full-time positions. We have a career track that allows for career advancement as individuals become trained and experienced.

Do I need to have prior experience operating cleaning equipment to be selected for a position?

No. Though we prefer applicants to possess experience with cleaning equipment, it is not necessary for employment. 

What will I wear to work every day?

The City of Lenexa provides uniforms, personal protective equipment and other safety equipment to all Building Services Division employees.

If hired, what kind of equipment will I be using?

We use a variety of specialty apparatus to complete a broad range of tasks. This includes, but is not limited to, carpet extractors, electric and propane burnishers, spacevac, kaivac, and window cleaning equipment. 

Green clean policy

The Building Services Division Clean Program helps mitigate the spread of viruses and germs throughout the office space. Our program delivers enhanced disinfection in targeted locations, using electrostatic disinfecting technology, cleaning and wiping high-touch surfaces, and deploying disinfecting foggers. 

Why join Lenexa's Building Services team?

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