Aquatics Study

City of Lenexa staff and elected leaders have worked to identify an approach for a fiscally responsible and sustainable outdoor aquatics system that serves the entire community into the future.

In 2018, outside consultant Water's Edge Aquatic Design was hired to evaluate Lenexa’s aquatics facilities — particularly its three aging outdoor pools. Phase I of the Aquatics Study, completed in 2019, looked at population and market analyses, examined current facility conditions and identified modernization strategies with cost estimates for future budgeting considerations. Phase II, completed in 2021, engaged the public in learning about the City's outdoor pool program and challenges. It also explored community preferences and priorities for future aquatic programs and features.

The combined results from the two phases of study will help City leadership make informed decisions about future aquatics investments in Lenexa. As funding becomes available and proposals are considered, aquatics study findings will provide a framework for determining what locations and types of aquatics facilities would best meet the needs of Lenexa as a whole.  

Lenexa Aquatics Study Phase I Final Report - July 2019 (PDF)

Lenexa Aquatics Study Phase II Final Report - May 2021 (PDF)

Lenexa Aquatics Study Phase II Full Appendices - May 2021 (PDF)

Moving forward

On June 15, 2021, the Lenexa City Council accepted completion of the Aquatics Study Phase II Final Report. The Council advanced one key study recommendation to upgrade Indian Trails into a modernized community-wide aquatics center with an appropriate mix of amenities. Council members also directed staff to bring back options for retaining some type of pool facility at the Ad Astra site.

Flat Rock Creek Pool is the newest pool in Lenexa, was fully renovated in 2012, and is still in good condition.

How much Lenexa decides to budget for investments in outdoor aquatics facilities will be part of the Capital Improvement Program process later in 2021. This five-year rolling plan outlines a schedule of capital projects across the whole city, along with financing options. Projects are regularly reviewed and reprioritized as staff and the governing body work to balance a wide range of needs.

Once a budget amount and timeline for each project is identified, the City of Lenexa will undertake design processes including additional public input from the community. In the meantime, both pools will remain open during the summer swim season, provided that there are no major maintenance or physical issues.

Lenexa will also begin a process to update its Parks and Recreation Master Plan at a future date. Aquatics input will help shape this broader vision to ensure our parks, facilities and program offerings continue to meet the needs of residents in the years ahead.

Staff contact

Mandy Danler, [email protected], 913.477.7120.