Black Hoof Park Disc Golf Course and Parking Lot Project

aerial view of project locations at Black Hoof Parkrendering of parking lot expansionfather and daughter playing disc golf at park


Project Description

At Black Hoof Park, the City of Lenexa is constructing an 18-hole traditional disc golf course as well as a nine-hole short course that is family friendly. The 18-hole course is being constructed on undeveloped park property north of the Oak Shelter. The nine-hole course will be constructed between the Oak Shelter and boat ramp on the northwest side of the lake. Both courses will activate portions of the park that have not been in use before.

An additional parking lot will be built off the main drive near the Oak Shelter. It will be placed between the two courses to help meet the increasing needs of park visitors.


Black Hoof Park (9053 Monticello Rd.)

Cost & Funding Sources

Parking lot

Total cost: $430,000

Funding sources:

  • Parks funds

Disc golf courses

Total cost: $144,150

Funding sources:

  • Henderson Engineers

  • KS Flying Disc Association

Course Sponsors

Black Hoof 18-Hole Disc Golf Course – driven by Henderson Engineers

Henderson Engineers is national engineering and construction firm headquartered in Lenexa. Founded in 1970, the company has long put an emphasis on an employee-first culture, quality, innovation, the client experience and wellness.

As a part of the wellness experience, a strong disc golf culture has existed within the company for years and the first internal disc golf league was started over 25 years ago.

Giving back to the community is an important core value at Henderson and the support of the Black Hoof Park Disc Golf Course, with the City of Lenexa, is a way of giving back to
Henderson Engineers' hometown.  

Black Hoof 9-Hole Disc Golf Course – launched by the KS Flying Disc Association

The Kansas Flying Disc Association (KFDA) is a not-for-profit organization founded in 2021 by Rich Smith, a longtime Henderson Engineers employee and previous president and CEO of the firm.

Rich began playing competitive flying disc sports in his hometown of Topeka in 1979 and it has been a big part of his life since then. He started the KFDA as a way to give back to the sport he so loves by documenting the history of the flying discs in Kansas, creating an ongoing Hall of Fame and helping grow the sport through resources, consulting and education.

The KFDA hopes to help grow the sport through involvement with the City of Lenexa and the Black Hoof Disc Golf Course.


Design: Winter 2021

Construction: 2022

Opening: April 1, 2023 – Black Hoof Open event

Designer & Contractor

Parking lot

Designer: Indigo Design & MHS Engineering

Construction: McAnany Construction

Disc golf courses

Designer: Dynamic Discs / Eric McCabe

Construction: In-house

Project Updates

Winter/spring 2023

  • Finishing construction of both disc golf courses.
  • Finished construction of new parking lot.
  • Hole signage creation and placement underway.

Fall 2022

  • Design is complete for both disc golf courses.
  • Construction of 18-hole disc golf course is near completion.
  • Parking lot has been paved and will be complete in late 2022.

Staff Contact

Danny Huntsinger
Parks Superintendent
[email protected]