Keeping our urban forest healthy and safe is a priority. We’re proud to have earned the Tree City USA designation, and with the community’s help, we can help keep our trees and city beautiful for generations to come. 

Trees located in the right of way (along the street)

Trees that are on your property and located in the public right of way are considered your responsibility as the homeowner. Typically, the right of way is approximately 12–15 feet from the back of the curb. The city has the right to trim or remove trees in the right of way, but general maintenance is the property owner's responsibility.

You are not required to replace a street tree if you remove one from your property.

See detailed information about our street tree ordinance.

What to do about a dead or dying tree?

If you have a dead or dying tree on your property, it is your responsibility to remove it. It is very important to remove dead or dying trees before they become hazardous. We encourage property owners to contact insured contractors with certified arborists on staff to evaluation and work on trees.  

If you are concerned about a dead, diseased or dying tree on private property that you do not own, please contact Community Standards at 913.477.7701. The City has adopted ordinances that provide enforcement tools to have such trees removed. We realize the financial burden tree removal may be on a property owner, so we will work with affected property owners to the extent possible. 

Report tree clearance or site distance issues

Tree diseases and pests

In recent years, several tree types commonly found in Lenexa have experienced diseases or pests that may affect your street trees.

Emerald ash borer – Ash trees represent about 25 percent of our urban forest, and we have found heavy infestations of the emerald ash borer throughout Lenexa.

Recommended street trees 

We recommend the following trees for planting in the right of way, due to their strength, size and ability to thrive in our area:

  • Bald cypress

  • Black gum

  • Elm (newer cultivars)

  • Greenspire littleleaf linden

  • Green vase Japanese zelkova

  • Norway maple (no red leaf cultivars)

  • Sawtooth oak

  • Shademaster locust

  • Shingle oak

  • Sugar maple

  • Swamp white oak

  • White oak

Tree care

Use the following resources to help you learn how to properly care for your trees:

Lenexa's Right-of-Way Tree Trimming Program

Man trimming treesFor approximately 10 weeks during winter, our certified arborists and highly trained staff trim trees along the public right of way. This program is not intended to provide full maintenance or removal of trees in the right of way, but it is a proactive approach to ensure good clearance along our roadways. We may trim trees if they:

  • Are causing a sight, sign or sidewalk obstruction.
  • Have low-hanging or broken branches.

  • Need to be trimmed to promote healthy growth.

Contact information

Curt Talken, Landscape Supervisor, 913.477.7146, [email protected]