Scouting Projects

We proudly partner with local Girl Scouts working on their Gold Awards and Boy Scouts working on their Eagle Scout awards. We receive many applications each year, so to ensure your project is considered, please read the guidelines on our application form. 

Project process

1. Submit the Eagle Scout/Gold Award application.

2. The city coordinator will forward your application to city project managers. They will review your application and evaluate your project ideas. We may suggest alternative locations that have a greater need. The city is under no obligation to accept any project proposal. Your project should:

  • Address a need in the community

  • Not require excessive or expensive maintenance

  • Be installed in an appropriate amount of time.

3. The city coordinator will contact you to inform you of any viable projects.  

4. You should visit and research possible projects further to determine which project, if any, you would like to pursue.

5. If you choose to pursue your project with us, you should arrange for a meeting with the appropriate city manager to discuss project details.

6. Prepare the necessary paperwork to obtain project approval through your troop and scout office. You should also arrange a time to get your city project manager’s signature.

7. Create a project plan:

  • You should determine the funding source for your project, possibly including donations or fundraising.

  • Conduct research to learn about the type of work you will be teaching others about for your project.

8. You and everyone who is working on your project will sign our release of liability forms.

9. Finalize your project plan by setting up a meeting with your city project manager to get final approval for the project, discuss funding sources, budget and work schedule.

10. Notify the city project manager at least two weeks before your first work day to arrange a final site walk-through.

  • We will identify where materials will be delivered, flag construction locations and answer last-minute questions.

  • If you are not doing a construction project, you should schedule appropriate meetings relevant to your project.

11. If your project requires construction, you must have an adult age 25 or older present.

12. Once your project is complete, you should notify the city project manager to schedule a project walk-through/wrap-up meeting.

  • If you have complied with all required procedures and have successfully completed your project, the city coordinator will sign off on any paperwork.

  • Please bring all photos and documentation that you will be turning in to your scouting office.

Past projects

We have had scouts complete a variety of projects in the past, including:

  • Bluebird trails expansion – Keaton Means built and installed bluebird nest boxes around Cedar Station Park.

  • Art of Lenexa contest – Emma Neely created an art contest encouraging residents to create art inspired by something they love about Lenexa.

  • Bat boxes – Caleb Vering build and placed bat roosts at Sar-Ko-Par Trails Park and Bois D’Arc Park.

  • Trail safety market program – David Urban researched, assisted in design and installed 900 safety trail markers along our trails.

Contact information

Jenny Doty, 913.477.7132, [email protected]