Stray Animals

Stray dogs

Our Animal Control Officers will respond to pick up found dogs as well as strays. We strive to give the best possible care for the animals in our community.

If you find a stray or lost dog when an Animal Control Officer is not on duty, we may ask you to transport the dog to the shelter or keep it until we can respond.

Stray kittenStray cats

We do not respond to most calls pertaining to cats and will not remove cats from residential properties. You are welcome to call us for resources and information about how to deal with stray cats.

If you encounter a cat that is in need of emergency medical attention, or if you are bitten by a cat, please call Animal Control, 913.477.7385.

Tips to keep cats out of your yard

  • Remove food: Do not feed stray or feral cats. Cats will stay in any area where food is easily found. Avoid feeding your own pets outdoors and keep trash secure in a covered container.

  • Remove shelter: Like wildlife, cats seek out places to sleep and to raise their young. Repair holes around patios and in sheds and out buildings, remove brush and wood piles from your yard and take away objects that could be used as shelter.

  • Make them uncomfortable: Cats love to relax and making your property uncomfortable can discourage visitors. Fill flower beds and areas where cats lounge with eggshell shards or a layer of chicken wire so the ground will be uncomfortable. Spray cats with garden hoses and use outdoor lighting at night.

  • Use repellents: Cats have very keen senses of smell and taste, and commercial repellents are available to discourage them. Natural repellents to sprinkle on flowerbeds or gardens include moth balls, ammonia soaked rags, ground mustard, cayenne pepper and citrus-based sprays.

  • Trapping: As the property owner, you may contact a rescue group, nuisance wildlife company or animal shelter to see about trapping cats and surrendering them. Many organizations promote TNR, or Trap-Neuter-Release. Cats may be trapped and spayed/neutered, but not released in Lenexa.

  • Safety: Do not pick up or attempt to handle stray cats. You do not know if the animal is healthy and there is a risk of being injured.

Animal welfare contacts

If you need help finding a home for a stray cat you have found, try calling one of the following: