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The Lenexa Police Department accepts certified police officers from other cities, counties and states through our lateral officer hire program. 

We have hired many lateral officers from Johnson County, the Kansas City Metropolitan area, throughout the Midwest and even from around the country.

What is a lateral officer?

We define lateral officers as those who are currently certified as police officers in their jurisdiction. The certification must meet the training standards set forth by the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center (KLETC). 

Reasons to transfer to Lenexa

  • Close to the metropolitan area of Kansas City with access to national sports teams, arts and cultural activities, shopping, dining and more.
  • Less restrictive residency requirement.
  • Superior equipment and technological resources.
  • Excellent opportunities for training and pursuit of career interests.
  • Our work culture emphasizes training and ability for all officers to work independently and solve problems.
  • Work in a community that is exceptionally supportive of the police department.

Military experience

KLETC only recognizes civilian law enforcement certifications, and does not recognize military police officers as eligible for reciprocity training. The Lenexa Police Department values military service and we find the values, skills, and abilities learned in the military often translate well to civilian law enforcement. Military service is credited toward starting pay for Lenexa Police Officers.

Application Process

All applicants, including lateral officers who are already certified, must complete the same application and testing process.

This includes a written test, an oral interview board, a background investigation, a polygraph, and more.
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Lateral officers may have to complete abbreviated reciprocity training at the Regional Police Academy in order to become familiar with Kansas statutes.

This is dependent upon the Kansas Law Enforcement Training Center’s (KLETC) determination of the lateral’s initial training academy requirements. KLETC makes this determination on a case-by-case basis. Lateral officers will also complete 4-5 weeks of in-house training to learn policies and practices specific to the Lenexa Police Department.

Finally, lateral officers will enter the Field Training Program. The FTO program is designed to be 15 weeks long, however lateral officers who demonstrate the skills and competencies may accelerate through the program and may be released to solo patrol earlier.

Duty Assignments

All officers, including lateral officers, enter the Patrol Division when they are hired.

Officers are eligible to apply for specialty assignments, such as Investigations and K-9 Handler, upon completion of the probationary employment period.


Lateral transfer officers can receive credit for their previous years of service. The pay rate will be established based on comparable wages with Lenexa Police Officers.

Base pay for lateral transfers will be determined at the time of job offer in discussions with the Chief of Police.
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All Lenexa Police Officers are required to reside within a 30 minute response time to the Lenexa Police Station, 12500 W. 87th St. Pkwy, Lenexa, KS 66215.

Officers have 1 year from date of hire to fulfill this residency requirement.