#8CANTWAIT Initiative

In light of inquiries of police reform across our nation, internal staff at the Lenexa Police Department spent several hours discussing the #8CANTWAIT initiative, as well as reviewing training, policies, practices, and overall culture of the department, all with an open mind. The Lenexa Police Department continues to work toward our mission of keeping Lenexa safe by pursuing those, who with criminal intent, take advantage of others in our community. We seek to do this with honor, integrity, and professionalism.

Here is our response to the inquiries about the #8CANTWAIT initiative:

Ban chokeholds and strangleholds

The use of chokeholds and strangleholds are prohibited unless it is a situation in which deadly force would be authorized.

Require de-escalation

When reasonable and appropriate, officers are expected to use de-escalation techniques to gain a person’s cooperation and avoid the use of force. Officers receive de-escalation training in the police academy, and ongoing throughout their career.

Require warning before shooting

When feasible, officers shall identify themselves and state their intent before using deadly force.

Exhaust all other means before shooting

An officer shall use only that level of force that is objectively reasonable to effectively bring a subject under control given the facts and circumstances perceived by the officer at the time.

Duty to intervene

Our officers are expected to adhere to department policies and to intervene when witnessing another officer acting in a manner that is obviously out of policy and morally wrong.

Ban shooting at moving vehicles

Officers are prohibited from shooting at or from a moving vehicle unless failure to do so will, with a high degree of probability, result in serious injury or death of the officer or innocent persons.

Require use of force continuum

It is the policy of the Lenexa Police Department that all officers shall only use reasonable force to effectively bring an incident under control, while protecting the lives of the officer or another. The amount and level of force used should be based on an assessment of numerous factors present, including but not limited to the suspect’s level of resistance, physical ability and mental competence.

Require comprehensive reporting

Every use of force by an officer, no matter the level of force, requires notification of a supervisor, documentation, and the completion of an official report. A full use of force investigation will commence on every use of force case.