Programs & Services

In addition to providing traffic enforcement, crime investigation and emergency response, we offer a variety of community-oriented programs you can participate in.

Active Shooter Response Training

We provide free active shooter response training to Lenexa businesses, churches, civic groups and any other interested organizations. 

Alarm Registration

If you have a home or business alarm system, you must register it with our free online registration system.

Child Car Seat Inspections

Get peace of mind that you've correctly installed your child's car seat by scheduling an inspection from our certified public service officers. Please note, we do not install the car seat for you, but instead inspect and assist with adjustments.

Watch this three-minute video to learn what we look for during a child car seat inspection. For information about child car seats visit the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration website.

Citizens’ Police Academy

Learn the ins and outs of the Lenexa Police Department in this free 12-week program.

Community Video Partnership Program

Help us solve crimes faster – register your home or business video cameras that record public areas.

Crime-Resistant Community Partnership

We work with apartments, hotels and storage units to reduce crime and create safe neighborhoods.

Internet safety workshops

People of all ages, from pre-teens to adults, are online now more than ever in order to stay connected with others, do work or school, shop, and more. We offer two different workshops, a general one for adults and one geared toward parents, where you can learn how to stay safe from online dangers and keep your personal data protected.


We provide fingerprinting services to Lenexa residents for a small fee.

Gun Locks

We are an active partner with Project Safe Neighborhoods, a nationwide commitment to reducing gun violence and gun crime. It funds programs through Project Childsafe, such as gun lock safety kits. You can pick up a free gun lock at the Lenexa Police Station.

Hiring an off-duty police officer

Off-duty Lenexa police officers may be hired by a private entity to provide security related services.

Neighborhood Block Party Visits

Our officers are sometimes available to visit neighborhood block parties. These requests are considered on a case-by-case basis and are attended by on-duty officers who may need to leave to respond to a call. Availability of attendance is also based on the patrol call load during the requested time. Completion of a request form does not guarantee an officer will appear at your event.

Police Officer Educational Visits

We value the opportunity for community engagement and are available to make educational visits to community groups.

Police Ride-alongs

See what our officers do first-hand through our ride-along program.

Tour the Police Station

We offer tours of our police station to individuals and groups.

Understanding Police Use of Force: Citizen Workshop

Since 2016, we have hosted this annual workshop in order to educate civilians about the various aspects of police use of force.

Vacation House Watch

When you are out of town, we’ll keep an eye on your home.

Vehicle Lockouts

We will assist if you are locked out of your vehicle if someone is locked in the vehicle and cannot unlock it themselves. If it is not an emergency, we will call a locksmith for you.

Call 911 to speak with our dispatchers and explain your situation.

Year-Round Drug Disposal

Clean out your medicine cabinet and dispose of unused and expired prescription medications in our lobby 24/7. 

Youth Police Academy 

A one-week summer program offered twice a year for teens ages 13 to 17. It is a fun, interactive learning experience designed to teach students about law enforcement, its challenges and the philosophy of teamwork.