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Digital and online safety workshops

Class for parents 

According to Influence Central, the average age children in the United States get a smartphone is 10 years old, and that one in two children have a social media account by age 12.

Parents want to protect their children from dangers in the “outside” world, but many times fail to recognize the dangers of the online world. It is more important than ever to understand how the cyber world works and the potential risks that come with navigating it.

We offer 90-minute in-person workshops for groups, where we’ll teach you about some of the trends we’re seeing in the digital world and what steps you can take to help protect your children from potential dangers. The class is geared toward parents of minor children. Parents are encouraged to bring their children ages 12 and up with them. Due to some of the subject matter presented, children younger than 12 are not recommended to attend.

Class for adults

Social media and advances in technology have made sharing information with the world fast and convenient. Unfortunately, it also creates vulnerabilities. Reports of data breaches and personal information “doxing” have become more prevalent in today’s world. How do you strike a balance between staying connected and staying safe? What steps can you take to control your digital footprint? This 90-minute class will help you learn how to take control of your online footprint and secure your data.

Learn more and book a session

We can host these classes at the Lenexa Police Department, or at another suitable location in Lenexa such as a school or church. We generally request that groups consist of a minimum of 10 people. It is preferred that classes occur Monday through Friday. All requests are subject to speaker availability. Requests for a class should be made at least 14 days in advance, if possible.

For more information about this class or to book a session, contact Crime Analyst Calvillo at lcalvillo@lenexa.com or 913.825.8183.