Native Plants and Trees

Native plants at Municipal ServicesNative plants at homeNative plant with caterpillarNative plants at Municipal ServicesNative plants at homeNative plants at home

You'll find native plants and trees at parks and facilities across Lenexa. They're also a popular choice among local homeowners and are eligible for reimbursement through Lenexa's Cost Share Program. 

Get reimbursed for installing native plants and trees

Native plants are the best choice for rain gardens and a great choice for your yard in general. 

  • They are a beautiful, low-hassle choice for your garden. Since they are naturally adapted to the climate and soil of the region, they're ready to thrive in your yard without extra fertilizers, watering and maintenance. 
  • Their deep root system, which far outstretches non-native varieties, filters pollutants, absorbs water, and prevents erosion from runoff.
  • They provide food and shelter for bees, butterflies, song birds and other wildlife. 

You can find attractive native plants to suit your unique landscape whether you're searching for flowers, trees, shrubs or grasses. These brochures can help you identify the plantings that work best for you:

Native Landscape Care Calendar

Use these tips provided by Grow Native! for the Missouri Prairie Journal to keep your native plants in top shape through the seasons.