Group X Fitness Classes

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We offer around 50 Group X fitness classes each week at a variety of times to fit your schedule and preferences. These classes range from low-impact strength to high-impact cardio and water-based activities.


  • X Pass Members: All Group X fitness classes (including virtual ones) are included with membership.

  • Core Pass Members: Individual classes are $7. A 10-class punch card is $56. Purchase these at the Rec Center welcome desk. 

  • Nonmembers: Get a day pass to the facility ($9 resident discount/$12 regular rate), which includes admission to classes. Purchase this at the Rec Center welcome desk. 

Upcoming classes

Check our Group X in-person and virtual fitness class schedule.

Current schedule

Class status

How to attend

All of our Group X fitness classes are drop-in classes, which means you can attend them at your convenience. Simply check in at our welcome desk to get a Group X card and give that card to your instructor as you enter class.  

Class types


20/20/10: Combines all of your favorite aspects of fitness and puts them into one solid workout! Combine 20 minutes of cardio, 20 minutes of strength, and 10 minutes of core and flexibility!

Barbell Strength: Uses plate-loaded barbells to teach participants basic weight-lifting techniques and enhance muscular endurance and strength.

Boot Camp: Using a variety of fitness tools and props, classes combine calisthenics and resistance-training exercises to challenge the cardiovascular, pulmonary and musculoskeletal systems.

Boot Camp (Low Impact): Come challenge your body using a variety of fitness equipment and body weight exercises without the high impact exercises such as jumping and burpees.

Cardio Sculpt: Characterized by periods of moderate- to high-intensity cardiovascular movements followed by periods of total body resistance exercises and core work. Combines favorite cardio moves in a high-energy, heavy-breathing circuit. Classes include a variety of step aerobics, kickboxing, plyometrics (with low-impact options), calisthenics, weight-lifting exercises and more.

Circuit Training: Allows you to fit a huge variety of movements into your workout — meaning a full-body challenge, and none of the boredom that can come with repetitive exercises.

Core Strength: Focuses on abs, back using combination movement patterns.

Forever Fit: Designed to help active seniors increase cardiovascular endurance, strength and improve balance through the use of weights, dancing and range of motion. 

Lift-Row: This full-body workout challenges your strength and endurance with the use of various strength-training equipment and the rowing machines.

Pilates Fusion: Combines mat Pilates basics and yoga, allowing you to feel the burn and gain strength in a low-impact format.

SilverSneakers® Classic: Have fun and move to the music through a variety of exercises designed to increase muscular strength, range of movement and activities for daily living. A chair is used for seated or standing support. 

Station Training: A full body workout with timed interval stations that include strength, cardio, and core exercises using bodyweight and various equipment to challenge and strengthen your body.

Tabata Strength: Tabata offers short bursts of peak effort using the formula of a work/rest ratio of 2:1. The class includes alternating periods of short, intense anaerobic exercise. They have even shorter, less-intense recovery periods and a combination of high-intensity moves for a quick workout.

TRX® Circuit: Overhead straps leverage body weight against gravity to develop strength, balance, flexibility and core stability. In addition to strength training with various equipment.

Zumba®: A cardio dance class that feels more like a party than an exercise class.


Aqua Toning: Resistance exercises performed in the shallow areas of the pool enhance overall muscular strength and endurance.

Aqua Zumba: A classic aqua aerobics with Latin flavor added. You perform large muscle movements by reaching your arms and lifting your legs in the water, as well as circling your hips and shoulders.

Current Fitness: Using the resistance and assistance of the current in the Lazy River exercises using aqua equipment and/or flotation devices work to enhance cardio-respiratory fitness, strength, stability and balance.


Cycle: Energizing music motivates participants on indoor stationary exercise bicycles through various challenges and personal competitions.

Cycle - Lift - Row: Enjoy a rotation of cycle/rowing and lifting to keep your heart rate pumping.

Cycle Strength: Hop on your bike and get your heart rate and cardiovascular system going for the first 25–30 minutes. Hop off the bike and grab those weights to get your resistance training in and build those

Mind + Body

Barre Fitness: Inspired by dance, Pilates, yoga and more, Barre Fitness develops total body strength, flexibility, balance and posture with an emphasis on core strength and proper body alignment.

Chair Yoga: A gentle yoga class that uses a chair for seated and standing support.

Gentle Yoga: A gentle introduction to yoga with flowing progressions of beginner yoga poses, postures and stretches.

Restorative Yoga: Relaxes and reinvigorates the body with gentle yoga poses held for prolonged periods of time using props and breathing techniques.

Stretch & Roll: Explore the importance of optimizing your body’s
range of motion, flexibility, balance and strength by using multiple
methods, including yoga, foam rollers and stability balls.

Vinyasa Yoga: Continuous, flowing progressions of dynamic yoga poses and postures.

Yoga: Each class will focus on the progression of beginner yoga poses, postures and stretches. Each instructor creates their own class rhythm and lets your body be your guide. Classes typically include standing poses, twists, balancing poses and restorative poses. 

Yoga Sculpt: Perfect blend of yoga flow, resistance training and light cardio to get the best of all training methods. Ideal if you want to change up your yoga practice to focus more on strength.


Specialty classes are offered on a periodic basis and have a lower student-to-instructor ratio.

Unlike the drop-in Group X classes, specialty fitness classes require advance registration and payment at They are not included in an X Pass membership.

Group X rules

  1. You must be 16 years or older to participate in Group X fitness classes. Children ages 12 to 15 may participate after completing a Youth Equipment Orientation

  2. You may only attend a Group X class if you are an X Pass member or if you have purchased a single day pass or class pass. 

  3. Please check in at the Welcome Desk to pick up a class pass so your instructor knows you are permitted to be there. 

  4. Class attendance is on a first-come, first-served basis, and we limit classes for space and equipment availability. 

  5. Please arrive approximately 5 to 10 minutes before the start of your class and no later than the class start time. To ensure everyone has an enjoyable uninterrupted class experience, we will not allow anyone to join a class more than 5 minutes past the scheduled start time. 

  6. It is your responsibility to report injuries, special needs and/or modifications to the instructor before your class begins. 

  7. You must wear footwear appropriate for the class you are taking. This means closed-toe athletic shoes, except for classes such as yoga, pilates, etc. 

  8. We require athletic attire to be appropriate for all age groups. 

  9. We recommend you bring a bottle of water to class to ensure you stay hydrated. 

  10. Please silence your cell phone before class. We do not permit you to use your cell phones in the Group X studios. 

  11. Store your personal items in the lockers outside of the Group X studios. We are not responsible for lost items. 

  12. Our equipment is intended for class purposes only. Please do not take equipment outside of the Group X studios. 

  13. We will close the Group X studios between classes. 

Our instructors and staff reserve the right to ask you to leave if any of our guidelines are not followed or if the safety of the class or any other participant is in jeopardy. 

We reserve the right to cancel a class if there are fewer than 5 participants.