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Personal Training

Group of people doing a pushup with "trainer" on their backOur certified personal trainers lead customized training experiences designed to provide safe and effective results that elevate fitness routines and motivate you toward lasting lifestyle changes.

They will assess your individual needs, plan appropriate workouts and progressions, and monitor improvements each session, guiding you safely to your personal health and fitness goals. 

While the Lenexa Rec Center facility is closed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are not able to provide in-person personal training services. But we now offer a virtual personal training option to help you stay active and motivated! During your one-on-one virtual session, a certified personal trainer will provide a quality workout plan and coaching based on what you have access to at home.

Your selected personal trainer will contact you within 24 hours to determine a start time as well as the best virtual platform to use based on your needs.

Pricing for virtual sessions and packages

Virtual personal training costs $40 per 50-minute private session. (Membership dues are currently frozen, so there is no extra 10% discount for X Pass members.) 

Discounted pricing is available for packages. You must pay the full amount of the package up front to receive the package price. 

  • 3-session special for first-time virtual clients: $80 – save 33%

  • 4 sessions: $125 – save 22%

Purchase a Virtual Personal Training session or Package

Personal training appointments require 24 hours advanced booking. Cancellations must be received 24 hours prior to scheduled training sessions. To cancel, please call 913.477.7529.


Please print off and fill out the following forms before your first personal training session: 

Personal trainers

Headshot of manAndrew J.

Andrew is a certified personal trainer through the American Council for Exercise. He believes every workout should be enjoyable, challenging, and motivating. His goal with each client involves teaching them how their fitness journey will help them enjoy their dreams for an inspiring, purposeful, everyday life.
Andrew began training at an early age with the “cool” high-school neighbors, and his passion for all things exercise only grew over time. From yoga to bodybuilding, he has dipped his toes in it all, embracing new fitness challenges and development as a passionate teacher. An avid basketball player and obstacle course racer, Andrew is also currently training for the Kansas City Marathon.

Headshot of manGeorge S.

*Virtual personal training unavailable*

George is a certified personal trainer through the American Council for Exercise. He has a master's degree in health and physical education and spent 35 years as a high school teacher, coach and athletic director. George is an avid golfer. He understands the specific exercises and stretches needed to improve a person’s golf game.

George says he tries to create a training environment that not only motivates but also empowers individuals to challenge themselves. His favorite quote about training is, "I’m not telling you it’s going to be easy; I’m telling you it’s going to be worth it.

Headshot of man
Jen R. 

Jen is a certified personal trainer through the American Council for Exercise. While not very athletic growing up, fitness became a major factor in Jen’s life as an adult. She understands what it’s like to step into fitness later in life. Jen loves making fitness accessible for everyone, no matter where they are in their fitness journey, or their age. It’s never too late to start moving!

Jen has also been an avid runner, completing 10 marathons and a three-time Boston Marathon finisher. She also understands the performance side of fitness and loves helping others achieve their goals!

In her spare time, Jen loves heading to the mountains for hiking with her husband, trying new restaurants, listening to music, reading and anything outdoors!

Headshot of manJosh G. 

Josh is an International Sports Sciences Association certified personal trainer and is also holds a Fitness Nutrition Specialist Certification through the American Council on Exercise. He continues to grow his passion for training and a healthy lifestyle by furthering his education. With this, he is able to provide the most flexible program for you. He understands there is not a “one size fits all” and each person is unique, and with this approach can provide a customized program for you. 

Outside of the gym, Josh enjoys spending time with his wife and two boys. Keeping up with kids, Josh understands the hectic schedules that we all lead and can teach you how to make your time training as efficient as possible, whether you have 30 minutes or two hours to devote to being active. 

This is one thing Josh strongly believes: he can help improve mobility and flexibility through corrective exercise, functional training, proper form and resistance training. No matter the level of experience, he can help you improve your performance in and outside of the gym.

Headshot of womanMariana A.

Mariana is an International Sports Sciences Association certified personal trainer and Precision Nutrition PNI Coach. Mariana’s professional background is in education, and it was her interest health, fitness and helping people that prompted her to switch careers. People have naturally turned to Mariana her entire life for health and fitness advice. As a fitness professional, she is able to share her years of experience helping friends and acquaintances through customized exercises programs, personalized nutrition plans, and education with the Lenexa Rec Center.

Mariana is passionate about habit-based coaching strategies and paying special attention to individual needs and goals. She was born in Argentina from Italian ancestors. Mariana is bilingual, loves to travel and experience different cultures, and in her spare time, enjoys painting, reading and — of course — working out (which she calls "playing").

Headshot of womanRick L.

*Virtual personal training unavailable*

Rick has been involved with physical fitness most of his life. He enjoys running, biking, hiking and weight training and believes a multifaceted approach to physical fitness reduces the chance for injury and helps make physical fitness become part of a lifestyle. He believes physical fitness is essential to achieving a higher quality of life at any age. Rick’s focus is to help clients define and reach their goals. He especially enjoys helping clients that are new to fitness feel comfortable and confident in the gym. 
In his free time, Rick likes spending time with family, playing the violin, camping, and being outdoors whenever possible. Rick currently holds certifications through the National Academy of Sports Medicine and is a Senior Fitness Specialist.

Headshot of womanRonna B.

Ronna is National Exercise Trainers Association certified personal trainer and an American Council for Exercise group exercise instructor. She has more than 12 years of experience as a health and wellness professional and currently teaches TRX, Barre, Cycling, Boxing, WERQ, HIIT and Core classes.

She has an excellent track record of motivating and inspiring people by making working out fun. For her, fitness is a lifestyle. If she's not consciously working on her fitness, then she's engaging in active hobbies that keep her moving.

Headshot of womanRyan V.

Ryan is a certified personal trainer through the American Council for Exercise, CETI Cancer Exercise Specialist, EBFA Barefoot Training Specialist, Functional Aging Specialist and Lagree Fitness Instructor. Ryan earned her bachelor of science in exercise science from the University of Kansas and has over 10 years of experience as a fitness professional. 
Ryan has always enjoyed an active lifestyle participating in dance, gymnastics, swimming, running, cycling, yoga, pilates, weight training to name a few. She is passionate about healthy living and loves to encourage others to live their best lives. She believes that movement is the best medicine. She loves to learn and continues to invest in her education through a variety of continuing education courses.
Outside of training, Ryan stays busy running her children to their various activities. When there is free time, she loves spending it with her family. Traveling, playing at the lake, hiking in the mountains, trying new restaurants, outdoor festivals and concerts are some of her favorite activities, but usually she can be found trying new recipes in her kitchen or squeezing in a workout of her own.

Frequently asked questions about virtual personal training

How will my trainer contact me?

Your chosen personal trainer will follow up via email or phone to establish a time and best platform for your virtual training.

What virtual training platforms are available?

FaceTime, Facebook Video Chat, Google Hangouts, Google Duo, Zoom. The trainer will help you determine the best platform based on your phone type and technology capabilities.

Will the personal trainer create a customized workout for me?

Yes, your trainer will provide guidance in both visual and verbal cues while they guide you through a workout that is specific to your needs. You will gain some of the same payoffs you’d get from in-person training.

Will my trainer provide nutritional coaching?

Your personal trainer will provide nutritional coaching based on their scope of practice and education background.

What if I don’t have any equipment at home?

Your personal trainer will guide you based on the tools you have at home. 

Can I do virtual training if I don’t have a lot of space in my home?

Yes, after your first question-and-answer session, the trainer will assess the space you plan to use, as well as any special considerations you may have.

How do I know if virtual personal training is right for me?

If you have additional questions about the virtual personal training process, contact Fitness Supervisor Erika Geering at to learn more.