Meet Amy Smith

Meet Amy Smith
Posted on 02/22/2022
Amy Smith standing in Group X fitness studio

Amy Smith joined the Rec as a member in the summer of 2019. The experience has positively impacted her life in several ways. First, she has met many great people who have become friends. Second, she actually enjoys working out now, and fitness has become a priority in her life.

"I've gained confidence from seeing gains and knowing how far I've come since I started. I am healthier and stronger," said Amy.

Her favorite part of the Rec Center is the people. "I love seeing the same faces — staff and members — each morning and saying hello. I love the variety of classes offered and the instructors who teach them,” said Amy.

Amy’s favorite hobby: Hanging out with family, trying new restaurants, listening to live music, sarcasm, watching sports, listening to true crime podcasts.

Amy’s favorite food: Mexican food, sushi

Amy’s favorite workout: Barbell Boot Camp and deadlifts

Amy’s favorite sports team: Kansas City Chiefs

Most exciting things Amy has done: Bungee jumping at age 18 and recently visiting Munich, Germany, for an authentic Oktoberfest 

Published Feb. 23, 2022