Meet Jason Butterfield

Meet Jason Butterfield
Posted on 10/15/2020
Jason ButterfieldJason has been a member of the Rec Center since January of 2018 — almost as long as our doors have been open!

Jason likes to come to the Rec Center because it keeps him moving. He enjoys all the pool-based classes, as well as working out in the lazy river and on the treadmill. 

In addition to Rec Center activities, he enjoys camping, hiking and kayaking. Last year, Jason went on two camping trips totaling 128 days and hiked a little over 100 miles!

Jason’s disability began in the summer of 2017, although he dislikes the term “disabled.” He said he is not disabled based on the evidence of his various activities, though he freely admits that he is physically challenged. The most difficult part for him is actually the mental challenges involved in pursuing his activities. 

The sudden change in his physical status was hard to accept, but Jason's faith in God gives him strength and peace. He said he has “good days” and “not-so-good days,” but he has come to terms with his disability. Jason said that time has become very valuable, and that he is grateful for more time to enjoy his favorite activities and to spend with his family.

Jason is truly appreciative of all the kind staff at the Rec Center and was exceptionally touched by the designation of the chairs nearest the steps into the pool as “reserved for the handicapped." He is grateful every time he comes to the pool because having to walk much of a distance from the chairs to the pool on a “not-so-good day” is scary.

Jason, we value your spirit for life. Thanks for putting smiles on our faces.

Published Oct. 15, 2020