Meet Judy Gillissen

Meet Judy Gillissen
Posted on 10/18/2022
women in KU Jayhawks hoodie waving from indoor pool deck

Judy Gillissen joined the Lenexa Rec Center during the COVID-19 pandemic. “I was distraught with all that was going on, and keeping up my exercise was difficult,” said Judy.

The Rec Center brought her back to a more positive place. When classes began again, she was able to expand her social activities as well as physical exercise. “My old gym never reopened,” said Judy. “I miss my friends from there. But thanks to the Rec Center, I now have a whole new set of friends as well as my old friends.”

Judy loves aqua group fitness classes. Her favorite sports team is the KU Jayhawks. One of the most exciting trips of her life was attending the Final Four basketball tournament in San Antonio. Judy appreciates the Rec Center staff, and we value her as well!

Published Oct. 18, 2022