Avoid a fiery feast

Avoid a fiery feast
Posted on 11/09/2023
woman bringing roasted turkey to holiday table

Thanksgiving, Christmas Day and Christmas Eve are the most common days for home fires caused by cooking. Nothing beats spending time with loved ones during the holiday season, but throwing off your normal routine potentially increases the risk of fire. Help keep your guests safe by following these guidelines.

Ensure your smoke alarms are working.

Stay in the kitchen when cooking on the stove. Keep a 3-foot “no kid/no pet zone” around the oven.

Tell guests who smoke to only smoke outside, and provide an adequate disposal method for their cigarette butts.

If frying a turkey, use an electric, infrared or air fryer. If you choose to use a traditional oil fryer, make sure the turkey is completely thawed before placing it in the fryer. Only fill the fryer to the appropriate level with oil, and only use the fryer outside away from anything that can catch fire.

Watch this video to see why it’s so important to use your turkey fryer correctly. 

Published Nov. 9, 2023